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Recomandam: The Adobe Illustrator Story

Un documentar care prezinta povestea programului iubit de noi toti, Adobe Illustrator, multumim CM pentru ca ne-ai facut sa il iubim!

Recomandam: Mac Lethal – Incredible Mozart Rap

Super fast rap performed on Mozart symphony by Mac Lethal.

Arta lui Aaron Jay

Ilustratiile din acest articol sunt munca artistului Aaron Jay, absolvent al universitatii Coventry cu o diploma de onoare in Illustratie.

OBS 1 – Streaming pe

OBS 1 – Streaming pe

Recomandam: It’s Payback Time

Their world is in the grip of a lethal outbreak. A mysterious blue substance is leading to catastrophic destruction. Who is behind it all?

Recomandam: Road To Worlds: The Beginning

In this chapter of Road to Worlds, we look back through the seasons and highlight the journey through competitive League of Legends .


Recomandam: Everything That Will Kill You – A to Z

Vrei sa bei ceva, o sa mori. A vrei sa mananci ceva, te v-a omor, isn’t that fun :)

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Tricoul Toporceanu in Shop