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L-am descoperit recent pe Mathijs rasfoind prin threadless. Am gasit ceva interesant la modul in care se exprima, insa cel mai tare mi-a atras atentia seria de lucrari The Floating Freaks, pe care avem placerea sa o prezentam alaturi de un q&a cu Mathijs Vissers, unde aflam mai multe despre artist direct de la sursa.

CM: What can you tell us about yourself? Something that you think is relevant for the world to know?
Mathijs: My name is Mathijs Vissers, I’m 27 and I’m a freelance illustrator from a little town in The Netherlands. Alongside the projects I do for clients I try to work on personal projects in which I enjoy experimenting with new styles to broaden my pallet. Sometimes these are a hit, sometimes they’re a miss, but I think it’s so important to keep trying new things.

The Floating Freaks are a bunch of characters from a fictional vintage traveling freak-show, translated into the occult and impossible.


The first one is The Visionary, he’s the alpha freak. He sees all, knows all. Possibly because of the demon living inside his face.

CM: What tools do you use ( as in software)?
Mathijs: Illustrator and Photoshop, it really depends on the type of art I’m creating. There’s a lot of Photoshop-only work, like the collage works I did, or the Floating Freaks series. Other times I’m looking for a vector look, so I go for Illustrator. Most of the times these two get mixed somewhere in the process. Sketching usually happens really tiny with pencil on paper, then on to illustrator for a rough sketch to get the composition and shapes right. Then I either stay in Illustrator or head over to Photoshop.


The Charmer. A hypnotist with a literal third eye. Has a detached hand as a pet. Prefers little children for dinner. You really don’t want to meet him.

CM: Did you attend art school or some other formal training? Do you find it mandatory for an aspiring artist to follow a form of formal training?
Mathijs: I studied ICT Media Design, which really doesn’t count as art school. We got a really broad range of classes, from scripting in unity to doing motion graphics in After Effects, but sadly most of the subjects were just touched upon, not really getting deep into anything.
So most of what I learned came from my own initiative and curiosity. I’ve always been drawing and got in touch with computers at a young age, and the two kind of merged together.
It started out as creating forum-signatures for some RuneScape forums, which I was totally into at the time. From there I just kept practicing and trying new things.
Seeing as that’s the way I learned, I don’t think it’s mandatory at all to have an education in art. Of course it helps you develop, but it’s also good to follow your own path. As I’ve never been to art school, I can’t really say if it is worth it or not, I’m just saying you can also get there if you teach yourself and stay curious.


The Corrupted Man. Originally a priest, dedicated his life to the word of god and fending off the many evils of the world. Eventually, this took its toll on him. The fight between good and evil is still going on in his face, a moving, living canvas of deformity, disease and corruption.

CM: What inspires you the most?
Mathijs: That’s always a question I find really hard to answer. There’s so many inspiring things in this world. Visual things work best for me. I see something someone else has made, and I wonder how they did it. It makes me curious, because it’s something I don’t understand yet. I keep a big folder of inspiration images I can take bits of inspiration from when a project calls for it.
Other times, I hear lyrics which spark an image in my head, or watch a scene in a movie which does the same thing. Sometimes it’s words in books which plant the seed for an illustration.
It really comes from everywhere and anywhere.


The Melting Man, an old man who fought against his personal demons all of his life. To stop the madness spewing from his mouth, he even resorted to sewing his own lips closed. But to no avail, because he eventually had to give in and let the demon inside come out.

CM: What keeps you motivated to continue as a freelancer?
Mathijs: The projects people bring to me keep getting more and more awesome, which is my main motivation. I just really really enjoy being part of something awesome.


The Slither, the young girl in the group. She has an intense love for snakes, her little pet snake even has his little home inside her skull.

CM: If you could no longer be an artist, what would you do for a living?
Mathijs: That’s a tough one. I have a background in web, both design and development, so I would probably fall back to that. But I can’t really imagine a life without art anymore, so it might be something completely different, something unexpected. You never know where life takes you, right?


The Amazing Man-Spider. We all know the story of Spiderman, this guy is the result of the same thing, but things did not turn out so positive for him.

CM: What advice would you give to upcoming artists? 
Mathijs: Keep creating. That’s the most important thing. If you don’t have clients yet, just work on personal projects.
I’m not saying be a machine and crunch out work on a regular schedule, but just make things.
Also, experiment. That’s why personal projects can be so beneficial to your skills, you are your only judge, there is no client marking off the lines from which you can’t stray, it’s just you and your freedom to create whatever you feel like.


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